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Welcome to the IntelliGym・Coaches Zone
Ace wants to improve your players and help fund your program. All you need to do is tell your players about the Basketball IntelliGym・and the difference it can mean to their lives and give them your Personal Coach Promotion Code.
Then, when a player goes online to purchase the Basketball IntelliGym・ he or she will get a $10 discount by using your Personal Coach Code.
Once a player has purchased any edition of the Basketball IntelliGym・online using your code, ACE will donate 15% of the full purchase price to help fund your program.
As your players practice and improve, your own job as a coach will become naturally easier. When players make the right decisions and better execute your instructions, your school痴 team will forge ahead.
Turning out better players, better teams, and better students will naturally result in a serious boost to your career as a coach. It痴 the best way to reward all the blood, sweat and tears you致e been investing in your players year in and year out. You deserve it!
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